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New England Design and Construction is a team of brilliant, dynamic, and creative individuals who firmly believe that well-designed and constructed spaces can lift the human spirit Founded in 2005, it focuses on larger mid- to high-end residential remodeling projects like : additions, whole home remodels, or gut kitchen remodels The studio practices a design-build aat or tz en index php community profile lesligourgaud2 , method of delivering projects with a full architectural team and qualified construction professionals Our bathroom space can be one of the most sacred areas of our homesmdashideally, a quiet and relaxing zone where we both begin our day and unwind at the end of it Bathroom remodels can come at a pretty high cost depending on how much you want to spruce up the space, however Yoursquoll likely want to make the best and most cost-efficient decisions, especially since bathroom renovations can prove to be an excellent investmentmdashmost realtors agree that renovated bathrooms can be one of the most appealing selling points to potential homeowners no reno kitchen makeoverDesign for you I’m a minimalist who rarely cooks My first contractor insisted that additional cabinets and a hood over my stove were crucial for resale I’m glad I stood my ground and didn’t sacrifice the clean, nonclaustrophobic flefacile fr community profile maryannewaters0 , look I wanted The next owners, who may or may not be cookware hoarders, can easily build storage We didn’t want to just text them, “Hey can we completely mybees co uk community profile mckinleye185043 , tear apart the kitchen and put it back together? K THANKS!” So we opened up a trusty Google Doc Proposal Template and filled it out with everything they would want to know We started by thanking them for being so incredible all of these years, and wrote about how much we love the apartment Before breaking down costs, we also explained that we believed that such an update to the kitchen would be a wonderful investment for them, because well, it’s true They own the place, so any kitchen update immediately ups the property value, and cuts the need to do so in the near future ikea galley kitchen remodelBack in March, I blogged about a kitchen remodel project that I designed for a family using IKEAs SEKTION cabinet line The layout of the kitchen was awkward mostly due to a doorway that led into a little used dining aat or tz en index php community profile melvinnrk981796 , room The cabinets were not in the best of shape, 'From a design perspective, a dining table is a clever sc sie gov hk TuniS homeremodelinghelper com way of creating the illusion of a bigger kitchen, thanks to the light that beams through the empty space that sits underneath the table' explains Andy Briggs, Interior Designer at Optiplan Kitchens opens in new tab 'As a result, the effect of a larger floor plan is created, making your kitchen feel bigg


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