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Dr Prince E Owens III


Apostle Prince E. Owens was born in Washington, Pennsylvania. He was inspired and influenced for leadership by the abundance of educators and church visionaries who surrounded him as a youth. He’s a graduate of the Kingdom Leaders Seminary, where he obtained his Master and Doctoral Degrees. Apostle Owens also received his Doctorate of Theology from Restoration Theological Seminary and his PhD in Christian Counselling from Kingdom Leaders Seminary.

He is also the founder and chancellor of Tabernacle Theological Seminary, an accredited college that offers degrees up to the PhD level. It is a great honor and a tremendous privilege for us to have Apostle Owens as the Chancellor and Founder of Tabernacle Theological Seminary! He is a living inspiration to everyone who has the opportunity of meeting him. He is a pioneering spirit and the living example of perseverance and hard work. If you ever have the privilege of knowing him and being in his presence, you’ll also see that he is a real father to everyone, a real brother to everyone, a real friend to everyone, and one of the strongest support systems you could ever be blessed with.

Although he never says this himself, Dr. Owens is also a real prophet of God! When he speaks a Word of Wisdom or a Word of Knowledge over you, it comes to pass! He is an apostle, a prophet, a dynamic teacher, a loving pastor, and an “on-fire” evangelist!

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