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Dr. Wilbert Ny

President, GBM

President's Welcome,
Welcome to Global Beyt Mikra,


Global Beyt Mikra (GBM) is a Biblical based school that exists to educate and nurture approved, effective and imaginative leaders and students for the church and the world through programs of study presented mostly from the Hebraic perspective. 

We are committed to "equipping the saints for the work of the ministry" and present most of our courses from the Hebraic perspective 

Christians around the world are engaging in the search to restore the foundations of their Hebraic faith of Yeshua (Jesus).  Studying Scripture in its Hebraic context not only brings fresh meaning and deeper understanding, but it also bridges the gap between the Old Testament (Tanakh), Yeshua and where we are today. 

At TGlobal Beyt Mikra, we study a culture that existed during Biblical times (which brings more clarity to Scripture), such as the Hebrew language, Israel’s geography, lifestyles, history, Hebraisms (idioms and slang terms), poetry, customs, politics, and much more!  


As a result, our understanding of The Bible will definitely be enriched.  The disconcerting phrases, puzzling actions, the sometimes difficult-to-understand Words of Yeshua, the progressive Feasts and Parables come alive with deeper meaning and understanding.  


In studying from the Hebraic perspective, we better understand the pattern of Worship The LORD wants His people to follow and the prophetic nature of The Feasts of The LORD.  This renewed interest in the Hebraic roots of Christianity is one of the greatest universal Works that The Holy Spirit is Manifesting in The Body of Messiah today!


​​Dr. Wilbert Ny

​President, GBM

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