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Dr. Wilbert Ny

President & CEO

Apostle Dr. Wilbert Ny is a Senior Pastor and an executive with a wide range of pastoral leadership, ministry management, and officer-level business experience in the ecclesiastical and the corporate world. He is the founder and President of Global Beyt Mikra (GBM) Bible College. He is well known and respected for building, motivating and growing strong disciples for The Kingdom of God through an apostolic ministry style that is fresh, creative, dynamic and revelatory. He is the Apostle and Senior Pastor of Jesus Nation, Inc, and Co-founder of Global Hurting Souls.

As the Senior Pastor of Jesus Nation, Inc., Apostle Wilbert is responsible for the spiritual welfare, overall program, growth, and body life of the congregation. He is a veritable teacher of the Word of God who prefers to teach from the Hebraic perspective. He also ministers in deliverance and spiritual counseling and emphasizes the How of the human condition and not just the What.


Apostle Wilbert is a native of Zimbabwe and was inspired and influenced for leadership by the abundance of educators and church visionaries who surrounded him as a young man. His educational credentials include: degrees from the University of Zimbabwe, Cleveland State University (Cleveland, Ohio, USA) and Tabernacle Theological Seminary where he obtained his Doctoral Degree in Theology (Th.D). He is a strong advocate of academic excellence and doctrinal instruction.

In addition to his contributions to The Kingdom of God, Dr. Wilbert is also an experienced Senior IT auditor. He has held senior positions with corporations in Africa and the United States of America. Apostle Wilbert was licensed and ordained by Apostle Dr. Prince Owens - Founder and President of Tabernacle Family Worship Center

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